Being an inclusive community is vital in moving conversations about sororities and fraternities forward. Emory embraces an inclusive community of diverse backgrounds and stories. As a member of Lamba Theta Alpha, Rebeca is a proud member of Emory’s first multicultural sorority, and encourages those around her to grow.

“We want to be able to see people who look like us on campus, not just because we want to all be together, but because they would benefit from Emory and Emory would benefit from having us.”

— Rebeca Leon 17C

Emory Campus Life encourages partnerships and empowers students at every level to build community.


Initiatives like theme housing, late night programs, community service, and sorority and fraternity life help students to prepare for active engagement and leadership in their communities and equip them to address the range of critical issues confronting societies nationwide and worldwide.


An essential element in empowering students is creating an environment where they can identify and share common goals and interests.

Emory Campus Life helps students connect their residential experiences with their academic pursuits – to “live what they learn and learn what they live”.


A range of programs and services underpin the campus experience for all students – including those just arriving on campus, international students adapting to a new culture, and graduating students preparing for lives and careers beyond the Emory campus. Other Campus Life initiatives create opportunities for families to remain engaged in their students’ lives.


student organizations, club sport teams, and performing arts groups


cumulative involvement hours across student organizations