Emory is all about creating a diverse community of individuals and identities. This intersectionality has allowed Klamath to apply her Native American heritage in a context of support and progress.

“We rally around each other and show how, although we have our own personal identities and own personal struggles, we can work together to try to progress Emory as a community.”

— Klamath Henry 19C

Emory is committed to providing its diverse student body with all the opportunities to succeed not only in the classroom, but in life as well.


This is primarily achieved through the establishment of an engaged community of students. With over 550 student organizations, clubs, sports teams, and performing arts groups, everyone can find a way to get involved.


Having students from differing backgrounds allows for an authentic exploration of identity and individuality which leads to creation of a more genuine community.

Joining any of Emory’s numerous student lead endeavors is not only encouraged, but is an integral part of the school as a whole.


This recognition that the school is more than the sum of its parts leads to a more vibrant and committed community which allows students to flourish in all facets of life. When every student is involved, then every student can manifest his or her own ideals within the framework of progress. This progress of ideals is a foundational issue which Emory remains devoted to preserving and expounding upon.